Harry’s recent work segmenting and measuring UV images has helped to reveal that people miss on average 10% of their face when applying sunscreen. More than 90 per cent of basal cell carcinomas, the most common cancer in the UK, occur on the head or neck, and between five and 10 per cent of all skin cancers occur on the eyelids specifically. These were found to be the most commonly missed areas when applying sunscreen.

The Study

57 participants, male and female, were asked to apply sunscreen to their face with no further information or instructions given by the researchers. Photos were taken of each of the participants with a UV-sensitive camera before and after the application of sunscreen, with areas covered with sunscreen appearing black due to the UV camera. These images were then segmented and analysed by our custom-designed program to judge how successful each person was at covering their whole face.


The work was presented at the British Association of Dermatologists' Annual Conference in July. The work was reported across the globe, including the Mirror, Metro, Mail, Iran Daily, Huffington Post, Express, Coach, IOL, Hola Buzz, Z-News, and Live24News.and featured on ITV Tonight.


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