The KIND Outreach Team at IACD, including CRiA's Bryan M. Williams, Harry Pratt and Baidaa Al-Bander won an Award for Outstanding Contribution to Public Engagement at the University of Liverpool this evening.

This team's considerably expanding outreach work with the local charity, Kids in Need and Distress (KIND) with the most deprived children of Liverpool deserves recognition. KIND is based less than a mile away from the University, working with many disadvantaged children, including those in foster care due to parental drug abuse and refugees. KIND believes that education is key to helping children realise their potential. The group has considerably developed and expanded its work this year, working with teachers to develop and integrate novel interactive science activities complimentary to the school curriculum to enhance the opportunities afforded to these children as well as promoting all aspects of science as fun. After considerable preparation, the team delivered a week-long programme of highly interactive events which were extremely well received by both the KIND staff and children. The photography from the event won a place in the Physiological Society competition 'Physiology in our Time' and is on display at the Wellcome Image Library.


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