Our PhD student Harry Pratt picked up the Henri Sueke prize this afternoon for his talk entitled Automated Diagnosis of Fundus Images for Diabetic Retinopathy for Treatment Referral.

A Novel Tool for Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnosis

Harry's work aims to provide an automatic prelimary diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy from fundus images. This will allow for an immediate referral recommendation at point of care, proving considerable acceleration to grading decisions and reducing grader workloads. His deep learning methods were tested on 10,000 images, achieving impressive results.

Mapstone and Sueke Prizes

The Mapstone and Sueke Prize competitions are held every year in honour of Roy Mapstone and Henri Sueke. Based on submitted abstracts, ten presentations were selected for the competition. The Mapstone Prize is awarded to the best non-clinical presentation and the Sueke Prize to the best clinical presentation.

The Winners

This year, the winners were:

  • Mapstone Prize: Jessica Eyre
  • Sueke Prize: Harry Pratt

Congratulations to both!


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